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Akira Satake Teapot

Akira Satake

cone 10 studios is pleased and excited to host Akira Satake for a ceramics workshop January 30 – February 1, 2015.

Akira Satake will lead a hands on workshop involving both the handbuilding and throwing techniques he uses in the making of his tea ceremony bowls, tea pots, water jars, ikebana vases and sculptural objects.  Participants will learn to create rich surfaces inspired by the natural world.  Some techniques that will be demonstrated are: 1)brushing kohiki slip on clay slabs and stretching the slabs to crack and distort the surfaces, 2)applying a coating of clay mixed with sand onto the surface of wheel thrown pieces and then altering them, and 3)mixing air and other materials into the clay body and then tearing off the clay and/or cutting with a wire to create the shapes.

Also Akira will share his experience and knowledge in a discussion of the Japanese aesthetic. Participants will gain insight in finding the beauty in imperfection, the meaning of “wabi-sabi”, and the importance of “ma” — the space in between.

The session is currently sold out. Thank you!


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