a working clay community sharing studio and gallery space

Holly T Benton

HollyBenton_ Abandoned_May_1864smallI make what I see and touch; basic shapes pared down from complicated forms that I create because I want them. I reconstruct forms I see in nature by concentrating my fascination with the curves that define the void. Wrapping my thoughts around the curve and the idea of curve, the landscape and geometry of the line it that follows and the story of the figure caught in time and born of fire.

Clay perfectly captures the fleeting moment. Smooth soft shapes undulating forever, these figures are engaged in conversation and in silence, at the same time interacting and aloof, engaged and disconnected.
Pit firing is both a primitive and scientific method which captures and combines the ancient chemistry of natural forces and the techniques of modern knowledge. The effort and effect of its elemental process is a participation in all aspects and stages of the form’s development and creation. Buried overnight in the ground and surrounded by the immediacy of fire, the truly organic forms are completed in this conversation between earth and fire.



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