a working clay community sharing studio and gallery space

Margaret Weinberg


Creating in Clay is intriguing, challenging as well as intrinsically satisfying for me. Clay is a medium of contrasts and also of harmonies. Experiences with clay are cerebral/intuitive; athletic/sensual; predictable/ spontaneous; secretive/expressive; exhausting/exhilarating. You can form, model and construct with it. You can draw on and carve into it. Paint on it; paint with it. It is inherently recyclable. Work in clay can be functional, or not. It totally involves the senses at each stage of its metamorphosis.

My continuous fascination with the coastal surroundings of Charleston: nature, creatures, beach treasures, coastal changes, has heightened my sensitivity to form, texture, color, composition, intensities and context. This is finding expression in my work with clay.

Working in clay is not without fun or humor. “Just Desserts” was such a series for me this past year. The challenges of realism firing at cone 10 temperatures was intriguing, with the results satisfying in so many ways. Clay: resistance is futile.


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