a working clay community sharing studio and gallery space


Interested in joining cone10? We recommend visiting our studio and meeting us if you have not been to cone 10 studios before. Click here for the membership application.

MISSION: Cone 10 Studios provides a nurturing environment for each member to evolve in their skill, experience and knowledge as a clay artist.  The Studios’ expectation is that members will be self motivating and contribute to the greater good of Cone 10 so that no one individual or persons are burdened with the demands of running and maintaining Cone 10.



Holly Benton

Ruth Ballou

Fiorenzo Berardozzi

Barb Bergwerf

Maria White

Anna Monaghan

Annie Lee

Jason Luck

Bob Meddick

Edwina Powell

Myra Bowie

Pat Jones

Margaret Weinberg







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